Getting some "Vitamin sea"


We are having a great time in the Philippines.


So far we have spent three weeks here and we have just extended our visa so that we can spend another two-three weeks before it is time to break up and move to the next – and last – destination on our travel. Yes, the "last", as we have only one month left before our return to Switzerland. And it will be one crazy exciting and busy month. On one hand, we will add every possible qualitative activity into our days and on the other hand, we will start to prepare our return so that the transition from « travel-life » to « Lausanne-work-life » will be as smooth as possible.


The Philippines treated us expectingly with a lot of water and diving activities. We have dived in the most exciting places (the colorful and dense reefs of the secluded Apo island or the wonderful diversity of marine life in Puerto Galera) and we have still quite a few to come (Malapascua and its thresher sharks and the famous wreck dives in Coron island). We are taking the next level of diving education these days, the PADI Advanced Open Water, meaning that we can dive in more difficult circumstances, join night dives and dive as deep as 30 meters (i.e. be ready for the coming thresher sharks and wrecks!). 


But it has also been more than diving. We have spent some time in the busy Manila, have hiked volcanoes, have postponed plans due the passage of a typhoon at the exact same place as where we intended to stay, spent countless hours on local buses and done yet another amazing three days loop on rented motorbikes. This time we toured the beautiful island of Bohol, with its perfectly made and unfrequented windy scenic roads, curious geological specificities around Chocolate Hills and cute endangered little tarsiers (who have too big eyes to move them so instead they can turn their head by 360°, a bit like owls...). Bohol was also hit by a major earthquake three years ago and reminiscences of it can be seen all along the way. Last but not least, we have met and traveled stretches with other fellow travelers, who we also look forward to meeting back in Europe again! 


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    Susanne (Sunday, 04 March 2018 18:14)

    Wauw......great pictures �

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