Japan - what a great, final destination


We are back in Switzerland after six wonderful months of travel. Our last destination, Japan, turned out to be a great choice, before going back and settling in our new hometown Lausanne.


Our days in Japan can be best described through photos and these lenses :


Cherry Blossom 

Natural phenomenon that is absolutely stunning, when the trees are flowering and turning the green into beautiful white and pink. We were lucky to time our visit quite perfectly and could enjoy plenty of Cherry Blossom moments in both Tokyo and Kyoto.



There are so many of these historical monuments and buildings and they were visited by lots of young Japanese people, dressed in traditional clothes, all celebrating the Cherry Blossom period. You feel the connectivity between past and present in these impressive constructions.



We enjoyed the discipline and politeness, which are solid founded in the Japanese culture. They queue in waiting lines for everything, without any sign of hesitation or being impatient. Quite a difference from other Asian countries and cultures, where for example getting a seat in a crowded train can be quite a battle.


« Life is a journey, not a destination ». What a wonderful life. 


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