Plan for Our Travel


Well, we haven't really planned it in details yet. The sketch on the picture above was quickly drawn in a Lufthansa magazine and is just an indication. Enough to let the dreams take off..


Right now we are more focused on getting ready for the trip and setting up objectives, so that it will be a journey with daily learning and development, inspiration and passion. We want to spend every day with meaningful activities, all from diving, meditation, studying, learning new skills, being cultural and social to all kinds of physical activities.


We know that we will start with weeks in Namibia. We also know that we will spend a week in mid-October with Anouk's parents in Denmark, to celebrate Michael's parents golden wedding anniversary.


From there - and the following five months - everything is still open. We will most likely spend the majority in South East Asia, where countries like Philippines and Indonesia are high on our priority list. But we are totally open for changes and impulsive decisions. This in itself is exciting.

About Us

Anouk loves cats, Michael prefers birds (especially the colored ones). Who would have guessed that this could be compatible? But it is. Married in 2015 and always looking for new things to try and new skills to learn. Anouk is the natural born initiator. "Let's do it now!" is her tagline. Michael connects the dots and is a bit of a "quality controller". Noticing and dealing with unnoticed important details. Quite good combination and foundation for a couple and life, that never gets boring.

Anouk and Michael Petersen

Lausanne, Switzerland